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Experience. We possess the practical, hands-on ‘know-how’ obtained from delivering hundreds of migrations and data conversions.  Quite simply, there is no substitute for demonstrated, applied knowledge of platform-specific migrations.  Either you have it or you don’t.

Tools & Automated Processes. Our experience has taught us which elements of migration are best handled by automation. We've built a suite of specialized tools that will accelerate the migration process. Few companies in the world have that kind of expertise. For our clients, it means significant reduction in migration time, cost and overall project risk. Our proprietary tools will give you an edge.

Total Migration.  We deliver a total  solution effectively offering function-for-function compatibility with your old source application. Many alternatives such as complete redesign, code porting or emulation alone are either burdened with risk or still leave you stuck in the past, only partly converted or with poor results. Compare traditional migration alternatives with the options available from Voyager to learn what a 100% migration process could mean for you.  Or, let us help you evaluate an efficient transformation & integration strategy using techniques such as web forms, web services and SOA.

Download the White Paper “From Legacy to Leading Edge” to review the alternative approaches to legacy migration and transformation projects (see example below)  and to gain a further understanding of key differences, common pitfalls and the steps you must follow to be successful.  Learn the primary reasons why moving legacy applications forward is most often a process of metamorphosis and not a simple, 'turn-the-crank' operation.

Degree of Migration

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act ... but a habit!"      


Case Studies

Learn how Voyager Systems has enabled our clients to leap forward into the future with the latest technologies.

"Very professional, helpful, friendly, and courteous."

- Director of Administrative Services
State of Iowa
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